The Personal Injury Process

Posted By Jeff Tatum on Jun 15, 2019 | 0 comments

Every person alive wants to be safe, happy, and healthy. Unfortunately for thousands of people a year, personal injuries are experienced after a workplace accident, a car wreck, or another incident. Of course, these injuries can include everything from a mild strain to life-altering debilitations.

I recently became interested in the process of personal injury claims, so I decided to see what people experiencing this have to go through to receive compensation for their injuries:

  • Injury and Medical Care

Of course, in a personal injury case, someone must be injured. No matter the situation, it is always advised that a person receive professional medical care. In most lawsuits for compensation, it is a requirement that a person seeks medical care. This is one gatekeeping mechanism to prevent fraudulent claims.

Medical documents ought to outline the specific harms experienced by someone so that these documents can be used as evidence in a court. That is why experienced personal injury lawyers like the folks at Evans Moore, LLC will recommend their clients ways to ensure their injuries are being properly documented; not an attempt to milk money from claims, but rather to document every pain and pinch that a person incurs from an accident or incident.

  • Insurance Claims

Commonly, the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident will offer compensation or coverage for the injured party. However, many lawsuits are filed or legal action is taken because the compensation offered is too small or does not make up for all of the negative effects a person experiences from an accident that was not the fault of the injured.

Many personal injury lawyers will negotiate on your behalf before filing a lawsuit or litigating the matter. Obviously, lawyers are good at negotiating. Even more, however, experienced personal injury attorneys are less inclined to fear large corporations. They have the wisdom and maturity to handle threats or empty-handed maneuvers to make a person feel as if they have no choice but to accept the offered compensation.

  • Litigation Nation

Of course, some big companies do not budge. Or, less commonly, there might be a legitimate disagreement over the claims that are covered in an accident. No matter what path takes you toward officially litigating to receive compensation, make sure that you are comfortable with your legal counsel.

Scarily, there are instances of people receiving poor or low-quality legal representation from expensive lawyers. It is essential to receive adequate representation for the money you are giving your lawyer. In almost every case, if you are not happy with the preparations, actions, or relationship with your attorney, you can seek alternative legal representation to take over your case and deliver the results to which you are entitled.


The litigation, medical care, and insurance processes surrounding personal injury cases are complex and complicated. But at every step, there are trained professionals whose job is to protect you and your interests. Seek them out and make sure that your injuries are healed, your legal counsel is excellent, and your budget is not busted. Doing so may require extra effort on your part, but you owe it to yourself.

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