Functional Employment Testing: A Perfectly Effective Way of Choosing the Right Applicant for the Right Job

Posted By Jeff Tatum on Oct 22, 2016 | 0 comments

Reduced instances of long-term disabilities (LTDs) and getting to find the right people for the right job: these are just two of the greatest benefits that firms can enjoy if they employ the services of a functional employment testing firm when it comes to hiring concerns.

Functional employment testing firms help companies find effective solutions to their major concerns, which include unproductivity or poor employee performance, employee absenteeism, fast employee turnover and job-related injuries, which translates to high Workers’ Compensation claims. Testing firms accomplish this task through the creation of an objective, scientific, legally compliant, and medically safe way of matching an applicant’s specific strengths and skills with the essential functions required of a certain job.

WorkSTEPS, for instance, a functional employment testing firm itself, used its functional employment testing tool in its founder’s family pipeline construction and fabrication business before the 1990s. In its very first year of testing, the family business saw a significant 60% reduction in job-related injuries and costs per claim, resulting to three quarters of a million dollars saved. After WorkSTEPS was formally incorporated in 1994, companies that sought its services also saw and felt significant changes during the first year alone. These changes included:

• Decreased turnover;
• Increased worker productivity;
• Safer work environment;
• Reductions in lost time;
• Diminished incidence of fraud and abuse;
• Reduced modifier rates and Workers’ Compensation premium; and,
• Reduction in Group Health costs

Functional employment testing firms do not just consider an applicant’s qualification based on his/her resume. They also conduct preemployment screening tests to ascertain that an applicant possesses the right skills, work behavior and fitness required by the job he/she is applying for. These tests will also show how an applicant will perform under pressure and certain circumstances even before he/she is actually given the final offer and starts work. Then there is also the pre-employment post-offer testing which will confirm whether the chosen candidate is capable of safely performing the essential functions of the job he/she is being offered.

Functional employment testing firms offer many other services, such as job analysis, functional job description, functional capacity evaluations (FCE), post-employment fit-for-duty testing, pre-offer agility testing, and upper quadrant / carpal tunnel testing.

One probable way to describe the aim of functional employment testing firms is to make sure that no job is offered to a wrong applicant and that no applicant is ever offered a wrong job.

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