Atlanta is a big city, which means it’s full of lawyers. That very banal fact is easily dismissed by most people, the exception being those who are looking to get a divorce lawyer they can rely on. Choosing a divorce lawyer when there are so many options is incredibly stressful, especially when you are trying to find the best way to tear your life apart so you can start all over.

I know a lot of people in this position, and I’ve seen an unfortunate number of them continue on in marriages they aren’t happy in because they just don’t know how to go about picking a divorce lawyer they feel the can trust.

So, I’m going to try to lay out for those individuals (and for others who come across this) just what you need in a lawyer. First of all, what you want in Atlanta divorce attorneys is basically what you’ll find laid out on the above-linked site: namely, an experienced firm with lots of positive results for their clients, and a breadth of experience handling every issue that might come up in your divorce.

Let me lay that out a little more clearly. Your divorce lawyer should have experience (don’t go with someone new to law who may make a major mistake that affects the rest of your life). Your divorce law firm should have a history of winning tough divorce cases (just in case your divorce turns into one of those cases). Ideally, your divorce firm will have a number of qualified and experienced lawyers so the overall level of knowledge on every point is high (since these lawyers will probably use each other as a resource at times).

Finally, your lawyer should be able to handle any issues that might come up in your divorce. That means they know how to handle everything that might develop when fighting for custody of children. They also know how to get spousal support if you need it. They’ve dealt with those who contest paternity or those who refuse to show up for proceedings. They also know how to divide up property and income so that you feel the pinch of the divorce as little as possible.

One last thing that matters: you need to decide if you want a lawyer that is compassionate towards your case. Again, some people want a lawyer who’s also something of a friend during the process. Other people just want a lawyer who gets the best result and gets on with it. Decide this beforehand and then see how you feel when you meet with your potential lawyers.

Once you know what to look for a lawyer, it’s easier to browse local Atlanta divorce lawyer pages and settle on a few that look good. Then, meet with the best set you find and decide on the one that works best for you based off those meetings. Follow your gut when you hear your answers, and you’ll land a great divorce lawyer.

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