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The Personal Injury Process

Posted By on Jun 15, 2019

Every person alive wants to be safe, happy, and healthy. Unfortunately for thousands of people a year, personal injuries are experienced after a workplace accident, a car wreck, or another incident. Of course, these injuries can include everything from a mild strain to life-altering debilitations.

I recently became interested in the process of personal injury claims, so I decided to see what people experiencing this have to go through to receive compensation for their injuries:

  • Injury and Medical Care

Of course, in a personal injury case, someone must be injured. No matter the situation, it is always advised that a person receive professional medical care. In most lawsuits for compensation, it is a requirement that a person seeks medical care. This is one gatekeeping mechanism to prevent fraudulent claims.

Medical documents ought to outline the specific harms experienced by someone so that these documents can be used as evidence in a court. That is why experienced personal injury lawyers like the folks at Evans Moore, LLC will recommend their clients ways to ensure their injuries are being properly documented; not an attempt to milk money from claims, but rather to document every pain and pinch that a person incurs from an accident or incident.

  • Insurance Claims

Commonly, the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident will offer compensation or coverage for the injured party. However, many lawsuits are filed or legal action is taken because the compensation offered is too small or does not make up for all of the negative effects a person experiences from an accident that was not the fault of the injured.

Many personal injury lawyers will negotiate on your behalf before filing a lawsuit or litigating the matter. Obviously, lawyers are good at negotiating. Even more, however, experienced personal injury attorneys are less inclined to fear large corporations. They have the wisdom and maturity to handle threats or empty-handed maneuvers to make a person feel as if they have no choice but to accept the offered compensation.

  • Litigation Nation

Of course, some big companies do not budge. Or, less commonly, there might be a legitimate disagreement over the claims that are covered in an accident. No matter what path takes you toward officially litigating to receive compensation, make sure that you are comfortable with your legal counsel.

Scarily, there are instances of people receiving poor or low-quality legal representation from expensive lawyers. It is essential to receive adequate representation for the money you are giving your lawyer. In almost every case, if you are not happy with the preparations, actions, or relationship with your attorney, you can seek alternative legal representation to take over your case and deliver the results to which you are entitled.


The litigation, medical care, and insurance processes surrounding personal injury cases are complex and complicated. But at every step, there are trained professionals whose job is to protect you and your interests. Seek them out and make sure that your injuries are healed, your legal counsel is excellent, and your budget is not busted. Doing so may require extra effort on your part, but you owe it to yourself.

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Atlanta is a big city, which means it’s full of lawyers. That very banal fact is easily dismissed by most people, the exception being those who are looking to get a divorce lawyer they can rely on. Choosing a divorce lawyer when there are so many options is incredibly stressful, especially when you are trying to find the best way to tear your life apart so you can start all over.

I know a lot of people in this position, and I’ve seen an unfortunate number of them continue on in marriages they aren’t happy in because they just don’t know how to go about picking a divorce lawyer they feel the can trust.

So, I’m going to try to lay out for those individuals (and for others who come across this) just what you need in a lawyer. First of all, what you want in Atlanta divorce attorneys is basically what you’ll find laid out on the above-linked site: namely, an experienced firm with lots of positive results for their clients, and a breadth of experience handling every issue that might come up in your divorce.

Let me lay that out a little more clearly. Your divorce lawyer should have experience (don’t go with someone new to law who may make a major mistake that affects the rest of your life). Your divorce law firm should have a history of winning tough divorce cases (just in case your divorce turns into one of those cases). Ideally, your divorce firm will have a number of qualified and experienced lawyers so the overall level of knowledge on every point is high (since these lawyers will probably use each other as a resource at times).

Finally, your lawyer should be able to handle any issues that might come up in your divorce. That means they know how to handle everything that might develop when fighting for custody of children. They also know how to get spousal support if you need it. They’ve dealt with those who contest paternity or those who refuse to show up for proceedings. They also know how to divide up property and income so that you feel the pinch of the divorce as little as possible.

One last thing that matters: you need to decide if you want a lawyer that is compassionate towards your case. Again, some people want a lawyer who’s also something of a friend during the process. Other people just want a lawyer who gets the best result and gets on with it. Decide this beforehand and then see how you feel when you meet with your potential lawyers.

Once you know what to look for a lawyer, it’s easier to browse local Atlanta divorce lawyer pages and settle on a few that look good. Then, meet with the best set you find and decide on the one that works best for you based off those meetings. Follow your gut when you hear your answers, and you’ll land a great divorce lawyer.

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Yes, speeding is dangerous

Posted By on Oct 1, 2017

We’ve all been there, driving a little faster than the speed limit, and then suddenly, behind us we see those flashing lights. Whether it’s a ticket or a warning, we get the talk. We hand over the license and registration, and we hear what our speed was, what the limit is, and why we were pulled over.

After that, we’ve all had the same thought: why is the speed limit so low in this area? Perhaps some of us have taken it further: why are there speed limits at all?

That’s one of those questions that, at the moment, seems to be very insightful and reasonable, but upon the least amount of reflection, it proves to be incredibly foolish.

After all, we know that faster cars are more likely to get into wrecks. It’s intuitively true. When you drive faster, you have less time to react, and you have less control over your car. We all swear or honk at the sports car zooming through traffic, and we all know the reason is that such driving is more likely to lead to an accident.

The data backs this up. Government research finds that about 31 percent of crashes are due to speeding. In 2007, that led to over 13,000 deaths. Even when speaking less dramatically, and leaving fatal crashes aside, the cost of speeding is immense. It costs people $40 billion every year.

Speeding is such a big issue in crashing, that law firms make a point of representing people who have been the victims of accidents due to the other driver speeding.

So, while that ticket you received may seem unfair, and perhaps that particular street you were on could use a bump of 5 or so miles in the limit, the overall point the officer made was valid. Speeding is dangerous, even if we all do it. A reminder every now and again to watch the speedometer and drive at a reasonable speed is important.

After all, we don’t want to be part of those statistics listed above. We don’t want to be part of the 31%, the 13,000, and we most certainly do not want to be responsible for those statistics either.

While it’s unreasonable to expect anyone reading this to suddenly become an advocate for strictly adhering to speed limits, it’s still worthwhile to give a gentle reminder that limits are not just set to make sure cops can earn revenue for the government through tickets. The limits are set to keep everyone safe, that includes pedestrians and drivers, and it includes you, speeding in your car.

If that leads to just a few readers taking their foot off the gas, just a little mind you, and keeping speeds at least reasonable, then this article has done its job. While it may be fun and sexy to really let go and fly down the street, the consequences are simply too great to do so.

At the very least, the next time you are caught driving like that and you see the lights flashing behind you, you’ll know you deserve what you get.

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Factors that can Affect a Court When Deciding about Child Custody

There are many factors that courts consider when determining divorce-related issues; states, however, differ with regard to which factors count or do not count. This is the same in determining the issue of child custody, except for the fact that all states share one guiding principle: the best interest of the child.

Though what falls within the scope of “in the best interest of the child,” may be contested, the following factors are deemed by many states as necessary:

  • the amount of involvement each parent has in the child’s activities;
  • the level of relationship the child has with each of his/her parents;
  • a parent’s lifestyle, financial stability, and health;
  • factors that can affect a child’s academic performance;
  • the child’s age and gender; and/or,
  • the possible physical, emotional and health risks in the environment where each parent lives.

Divorce can be a very emotional and demoralizing process. Yet, when spouses reach a point in their relationship where still living their future together becomes more of a struggle than a source of happiness and fulfillment, many consider divorce as the only sensible option. But there are many issues that need to be settled due to divorce, such as division of liabilities and assets, alimony, child support and, probably the most painful, the issue on who takes custody of the child.

According to The Maynard Law Firm, “Issues related to the custody of your children may very well be the most important aspect of your divorce. If possible, you and your partner should attempt to agree upon what specific role each of you will play in the lives of your children once the divorce is finalized. While it may be possible to work this out voluntarily, many partners end up going to court for rulings to resolve the disagreements over the custody of their children.”

This is why, when thinking of divorce and intending to have custody of your child, it may be necessary to have a child custody lawyer on your side who can proceed with compassion, yet with underlying firmness and expertise, and who is aware of the sensitivity and the complexity of the issue that need to be settled.

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Self-storage, which is shorthand form for self-service storage, is one booming industry in the U.S. It is involved in the renting out of a storage space, like a room, a container, or an outdoor space or locker, to individuals or businesses on a short-term basis, usually for a month; longer-term leases are possible, though.

About 58,000 self-storage facilities were made available as the year 2009 ended. These facilities were available to all those who needed an extra space where they could keep the things that they have outgrown but cannot part with. It was also made available for existing business firms – serving a perfect safe shelter for temporarily unused office equipment or for whatever purpose the spaces were needed.

The need for self-storage space can be based on three things:

  • American consumerism. Every year, especially during the holidays, everyone is simply in a rush to filling their homes with new stuff. The purchase of something new, of course, means need for space. However, with no extra room in the house, the old stuff will have to give up their spaces. Replacement does not necessarily mean throwing out the old, though; things many people are not prepared to part with. This is why the need for self-storage.
  • American mobility. Extra spaces, where people can keep some of their household items safely, are in demand, especially during summer, the time when moving to a new house is at its peak. And, if the new residence cannot house all of one’s belongings, things of secondary importance are rather kept in a self-storage.
  • Older houses, built with smaller closets and rooms, and the disappearance of the American attic. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, the average American house has gotten much bigger; from the average 1,660 square feet in 1973 to 2,400 square feet in 2004. Despite the increase in size, though, one important space was missing: the attic.

Many houses, especially in the temperate states, like California, Florida and Texas (the three states that also happen to have the most self-storage facilities), were designed as ranches or bungalows with neither a basement nor an attic where old stuff can be kept. But ranches or bungalows are not the only houses having space problems for even modern houses now lack an attic as builders have shifted to using trusses, which are cheaper, compared to rafter-based roof frames.

The self-storage industry says that in every ten U.S. households, one is renting a self-storage unit. Not all self-storage facilities are the same, however. Self storage Austin 78727, for instance, offer climate controlled storage units and drive-up units, to make sure your belongings are kept well and protected, no matter what the temperature is; these are also accessible anytime you need to have any of your belongings.

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